Friday, August 05, 2011

Arcade Nation & Yoji Remix from Hellhouse Records

Arcade Nation is one of the newest members to Hell House Records, produced by one of my favorite icons “Yoji.” Arcade Nation, Theme of Arcade Nation the original is my favorite. The remix is a bit too repetitive and dry to be added to my playlist, but the original has a Hyde to the Jekyll. At first it sounds like a typical Tech Step track. Great another repetitive tech beat and the only thing that changes is a few synth sounds that have been pasted from a common sample library. This is not the case for Arcade Nation. This track has a refined intro that is easy to mix. The slow build of 8 bit sounds immediately manhandles your memories of playing games like Street fighter and Marble Madness. The break down in the middle of the track has the potential of being a midnight floor killer. I recommend this track for an already energized dance floor, so 9 or 10 pm openers stay away from it. This track should be saved for a full dance floor.

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