Monday, August 15, 2011

Ebok - Sinful Transcendence

I came across this mix a few hours ago and it set me in the mood to tackle this Monday. Nice and chill beats with a very ethnic sound and ambient transitions. I really enjoyed it and hope you do as well!

Tracklist :
1.HouseRiders, John Juster - Night in A Plastic City (Original Mix)
2.GeorgezB - Lone Night Ray
3.Yamil Colucci - Antidote (Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile Black Mix)
4.Insect Elektrika - De La Cvok (Original mix)
5.Tim Richards - Chatterbox (King Unique Intrumental rmx)
6.Sasha - Cut Me Down (Soulfire remix)
7.Martin Buttrich - Stoned Autopilot (C2 Version)
8.7thKey - West Waves
9.Morcheeba - Blood Like Lemonade (Maetrik remix)
10. Dawad - Dr Avalanche Response (Original Mix)
11. Danieh Mehes - Disfigured
12. Matt Darey feat. Kate Louise Smith - Black Canyon (Perception Of Sound Remix)

Ebok - Sinful Transcendence by EboK


Ebok said...

Thank you sooo much for choosing my mix for ur blog! im very glad you enjoyed it :)
Cheers from Lebanon!

inox said...

Your Welcome~ We love the mix!

polyphonik said...

Good pick Inox!!! I have been jamming out to this mix all night. At least 3 times. Its Very Chill and an excellent track selection that is flawless.

Ebok said...

Im very Glad you liked it Polyphonik!:)


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