Sunday, August 07, 2011

Is it a “Fad” or is it here to stay? Who knows?

Nigel Richards It seems like the world is obsessed with the glitch filled sounds and the wobble base lines of Dub Step. Is it a “Fad” or is it here to stay? Who knows? I cannot answer that question. When I was living in Japan many years ago rocking my UFO’s and tripping over my Kick Where pants, the same were said about Trance. Was it just a fad? Well, it may have or at least some of the sub genres are gone forever. That is not a bad thing. Where is this going you ask? Electronic music has been known to take large steps through evolution. Ok, there are some genres out there that I cannot understand. There are some that I think can only sound good if I were on the edge of an overdose. I have attended a few clubs in Baltimore in the past months. It seems that most of the ironic Hipsters are traveling down the rabbit hole to follow Dub step. I am sorry Inox you must dislike my posting, but your fetish following of Dub step is on a different scale. At least you know the history. I asked over 200 Hipsters in two days where does Dub Step come from? What is Drum and Bass? Where does the wobble sound come from? I also asked what other music they listen to. I cannot believe how many people said they only listen to Dub step. I call bull shit on that. I think it is as simple as they just do not know the names of the genres.
There are but a few long running record labels that have always had a long standing of great Djs and great Producers. Most are located in Europe only a few are in the good old U.S. One of them is 611 Records located in Philadelphia. Ask anyone who is obsessed with Drum and Bass and I am sure they will tell you all about 611 Records, but 611 is not just a Drum and Bass one stop shop. They have some great House DJ’s and producers as well. Nigel Richards is one of the House DJ’s
So here we go. If you hipsters, ravers, or just plain people want to know what House music is and I am keeping it just House. I do not want to confuse anyone. Nigel Richards plays many of the sub genres of House, Electro and Progressive, but for this posting we will just call it House. When you have Dub stepped your ears off and want a very cool mix to drive home too. Check this mix out. This is from his birthday party back in April. This mix will open your eyes to new and changing sounds at the same time these are the bases to the inherited traits of Dub step.I dare to give it a try.

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