Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Monsterz Under The Bed

Monsterz Under the Bed..... Who are they? Is this just another group of masked DJ's who prance around the stage pushing play on a laptop, claiming to be DJ's. Absolutely not!!! The guys are Killing the North Eastern part of the United States. In the last six months I have been on the lookout for local DJ's and producers. I will not commit to agree with most, that the best DJ's and producers are in Europe. Most DJ duos out in the world are too much alike. Great I just paid 60 euros to see two monkeys preform the same trick. Where is the fun in that. With Monsterz Under the Bed, its more like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde fighting Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The two are alike in that they want the same out come "To murder the dance Floor", but each are battling for who will draw blood first. So, check this mix out. This is just a small taste of what they do. I will not be surprised if they were to play Cream Fields or the Paris Techno Parade some day.

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