Friday, September 09, 2011


I just stumbled on this when a friend asked where did the samples that I was cutting up come from? I picked up the Tron soundtrack from Target last month. He wanted a copy but I am an avid believer of buying music. Buying music supports the artist. How many of us out there want to make it big? Most I think! Can you imagine forking out 10k at a studio for 6 months just so the world can have your music for free while you are forced to eat cup of noodles everyday…. Emmm not me!! I need meat in my diet!! Though this is a Walt Disney release and they are surely in no situation to whore out Snow White to feed the Dwarfs. So, I have to stand by my choice well for music any way…….. Check it out! Killer remixes by some of the best and some that I have never heard of…… you can find this on I-tunes…

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